Want to see more solar power in Philly but not ready to invest in your own system? Solar Leader is the electricity option for you.

Who are we exactly? We are people just like you who decided there was a better way to buy our energy.

Looking for more ways to be sustainable? Members of The Energy Co-op are eligible for a one-month free trial through Bennett Compost.

Local and Renewable







33,848,875 = lbs CO2 reduced by our members last year.



We are consumers empowered by our energy choices.

We are owners of the company providing those choices.

We are more than just an energy company.

We are 6,674 members strong.
Join us.


Energy Rates

Heating Oil

Today's member price is between $3.475 - $3.645 per gallon. Members: Log In to view your price


Prices start at 10.49¢ per kWh for renewable energy

$337,428.18 = amount we saved heating oil members last winter